The ART of Shaun Edward Lupton

Artists Bio:

Shaun Edward Lupton is an American filmmaker. Coming from a multi cultured family allowed him to see the world differently. Born with a brush in his hand he excelled in the arts, but it was the love for cinema and storytelling that lead him to a career in film making and animation.

Working as a Writer / Director he continues to stretch the limits visually through light and composition and artistically through color, character, and story. His style is both a mix of dark up close cinematic visuals blended with edgy performances and offbeat sound. He combines his romantic approach to lighting and use of color to create memorable moments in film. The balance of creating pictures that move you, makes you laugh, cry, cringe, or entertain is what he works on with every new story or film he creates

“Light is my Muse, Shadow is my Dagger, Color is my Mood, Moving Pictures are my Expression.”